The Cortney Morrison-Taylor Memorial was established to promote Cortney’s vision for sustainable design. The Reimagine Water Project was created by the Memorial with the aim of fulfilling Cortney’s desire to bring a Seven Fold Flowform to western New York, while educating the community about the utility of these beautiful, transformative structures.

The Reimagine Water project has gathered community to embrace Cortney's vision and create Buffalo's first public flowform in the Buffalo and Erie County Botanical Gardens.

​The intention for the flowform is to inspire imaginative and constructive thinking about water. More thinking about water may lead to cleaner, rejuvenated waterways. Better water may lead to enhanced environmental beauty and personal health. What more could we ask for Buffalo, where we are blessed with a bounty of this natural resource? 

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Reimagine Water
The Cortney Morrison-Taylor Memorial

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About Cortney

Cortney Morrison-Taylor lived passionately for 27 years. Beauty, simplicity and harmony were her aesthetic ideals.