Reimagine Water
The Cortney Morrison-Taylor Memorial

Flowforms are unique water treatment structures that use the power of nature, combined with sustainable, life-enriching design. We all know that clean water is important for life, both within our bodies and in our environment, and that not all water is the same. Nature’s method of refining water is visible in the movement of a mountain stream. It flows with the rhythm or pulse present in all living things. Through the process of water cascading downward in this rhythmic way, it is invigorated. This is the basic idea behind flowforms, evidence of which can be found around the world.

Inspired by Cortney Morrison-Taylor’s design, the Reimagine Water Project group began by exploring the qualities of water and the method of flowforms. The group studied the art and science of flowforms and their ability to increase the vitality of water. Giving generously of their time, talent, and funds, the Reimagine Water Project group completed Buffalo’s first public flowform, now installed at the Buffalo and Erie County Botanical Gardens, located at 2655 South Park Ave, Buffalo, NY 14218, and open to the public daily from 10am-5pm.

The timing of the Botanical Gardens’ reconstruction of their Asian greenhouse synchronized perfectly with the timing of the flowform project. Our collaboration with the Botanical Gardens includes a shared vision of educating the public about the importance of improving the quality of our waterways. Come and see for yourself how the flowform inspires more imaginative and constructive thinking about water. More thinking about water might lead to cleaner, rejuvenated waterways. Better water might lead to enhanced environmental beauty and personal health. What more could we ask for Buffalo, where we are blessed with a bounty of this natural resource?

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Visit the Botanical Gardens to experience the flowform firsthand and imagine the possibilities!

 Reimagine Water Flowform at the

 Buffalo and Erie County

 Botanical Gardens

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