Reimagine Water
The Cortney Morrison-Taylor Memorial

About Cortney

Cortney Morrison-Taylor lived passionately for 27 years. Beauty, simplicity and harmony were her aesthetic ideals, developed through her early Aurora Waldorf School education, and nurtured as she travelled widely in this country and many others. These ideals influenced her work at Buffalo State College, where she earned a BFA with Honors in Interior Design, and then served as the foundation for the two Elmwood Avenue businesses, Reimagine Furniture and Ro Home Shop, which she co-founded with her lifelong friend and collaborator Hayley Carrow. Cortney believed in building strong, sustainable communities, and was active in the Elmwood Avenue Association, and many other local artistic, cultural and charitable groups.

Cortney's Memorial will embrace her boundless spirit, her deep abiding love for people, her concern for our precious natural resources and her relentless quest to make everything she encountered better. Cortney dreamt big and her Memorial will attempt to fulfill those dreams.